Local Disk (C): A powerful discord bot

We at Local Disk C collect a small amount of data.

What information is stored?

1) This consists of Server names, Server owner IDS, usernames and tags (#0000), we also store searched youtube videos with our youtube downloader command, only you can see your information.

How is the data used?

2) I use this data to improve my bots performance, i monitor how many users are using the bot at once, i also use this info to see if someone is trying to crash or exploit the bot.

Who gets this data?

3) The data is read over by only me WOLFIE_OG#0001 and is deleted after it has been used automatically.

Any third-companys have access to the data?

4) No one else has access to this data.

How can i contact you?

5) I have included my discord tag in the >>info command aswell as my dev email.

How can i get my data removed?

6) The data is removed after 12 hours of logging, the data is not stored any longer if it is i delete it, our youtube search databases are excluded from that purge of data.

Note: We reserve the right to change this without notifying our users.

This policy was last updated May 21st, 2021.